West Palm Beach Fishing Reports

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May 21, 2023

Sailfish Marina Charters

Flat calm today, very little breeze, and hot ! We decided to skip the trolling today and went directly to deep water drifting looking for blackfin tuna and mahi in 320 feet of water. After an hour with no action I was just about to make a move when the bow rod started screaming. About the same time I see a large Sailfish greyhounding on the other side of the boat ! I was able to run up to the bow, bury the rod tip under the surface and clear the line out from the hull. Our angler Jake was in for a battle because I was fishing for blackfin tuna which can be line shy so I lightened up the leader strength to 30 lb fluro, usually for sails I use 50 lb leader. Forty minutes later we had the fish boatside and we were able to tow it behind the boat until it revived and swam away strong. My angler wasn't so lucky, he didn't have any breakfast, got dehydrated during the fight, so we had to head in. He'll know for next time.