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Captain Rich, The Sportfish Expert

Hi, I'm Captain Rich Adler, and I have been fishing for over 46 years.

It has been my whole life. My passion for fishing started when my father first took me out when I was four years old. I couldn’t remember what we caught that time, but I still remember the feeling of curiosity, thrill, and excitement. Since then, I got the salt-water disease.


. When I turned seven, my father and I caught an 8-pound largemouth bass. As it emerged to the surface, I saw its huge bucket mouth and told my Dad that it was a monster. Many thought that it was just a phase, and they never knew that it would turn out to be my lifelong passion. Well, who can say, I just fell in love with fishing the first time I experienced it. 

I now have my Charter Boat- Tuna Wahoo, and I offer a full-service Florida charter fishing operation, taking families, friends, and kids fishing. I do this not just for a living but because I am happy to see them smile and get excited when they catch a fish.

My Boat Details:

Operating my Charter Boat is all I do 24/7, every single day. From October to July, I run my charter boat in Palm Beach, Florida. For the rest of the year, I run charter and party boats in Belmar and Point Pleasant, New Jersey. To pass the time, I fish both inshore and offshore, and my favorite catches are fluke, sea bass, bluefish, tuna, and mahi. 

 My Specialty Techniques and Fishing Favorites:

Drift Fishing:

In Palm Beach I love drift fishing. We start off in the gulf stream, start out south to north, and use a kite with a couple live baits hooked up. I'll put out some flat lines for our guests to watch. We use live bait for Sailfish, Mackerel, Mahi, Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna, and occasionally Cobia.

Our midwater baits (live or dead sardines) are for the same fish species,

and I put down some bottom fishing rods with cut bait for mutton snappers, yellowtail snappers, porgies, triggerfish, all the reef fish.

We are covering the entire water column, our guests are actively involved with all of these, so there's always something biting. It's a really exciting time on the water. We are always going to catch fish on these adventures.

Maybe you wonder if I ever get fed up from doing this my whole life. Fishing for 24 hours a day for over 46 years- who’s crazy enough to do that, right? But, let me share with you the things that make me keep going: excitement and passion. 

I wake up every day, board my boat, and sail to the sea, and what fuels me to do that my whole life is that I never know who is going to show up at the dock. I never know what surprises we are going to catch each trip. Every day is a new experience. That’s what makes it so much fun and exciting.

Ideal Guests:

Another thing that keeps me going each day is the kids I board on Tuna Wahoo with me. All of my favorite guide experiences involve young kids. They light up when we start catching fish, the questions don’t end, and I know I am lighting a spark to keep the fishing tradition going. It makes me feel that I have a greater purpose for being a guide and a fisherman, and that purpose is to keep the fire of fishing tradition alive and burning. 

I am excited to meet you. Let's catch some fish!

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